Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project
Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project


The history of furthering the rights of LGBTQ people in Wisconsin is the story of the people who have made those incremental changes happen.

Many are activists, people who were not shy about demanding equal rights and formed organizations or organized protests to force change. Some are performers, both ‘drag’ and others who explored cross dressing to be more comfortable in themselves, to entertain, or to shock politicians and others.

Others embraced the ‘leather’ scene within or alongside the motorcycle culture. Still others are ordinary men and women who made individual contributions as members of LGBTQ organizations, bar owners and bartenders, etc. This section explores some of those stories.

Note: Biography contents of individuals presented here are meant to reflect primarily accomplishments benefiting the LGBTQ community, and may not reflect all aspects of a person's character or possible illegal activity. Facts will be presented as realistically as possible, but should not necessarily be taken as exhaustive or complete, since information presented may be from limited sources at the time of creation. As with the entire contents of this web site, more information is welcome from any source.

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All of our efforts take people to research, to collect, to remember and document those memories. If you are willing to help in any way, let us know!

The People in the History of the LGBTQ Community in Wisconsin are organized into the following categories: